When we write, tell a story, or share a piece of knowledge in an article or blog, there is endless opportunity for that to be shared, one by one, throughout the entire world. The best feeling is when I write something that leads to a question that inspire my next piece. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even write a book! 


Biden Takes Agenda to Rural U.S. Where Trump Fans Abound

“American agriculture is on track for one of its best years this century as soaring exports to China boost corn, soybean and wheat prices.”

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Wisconsin Farmers Hope to Voice Their Concerns to President Biden

“High taxes, a labor shortage and a spike in prices. These are some of the issues Derek Orth, a dairy farmer in Grant County, Wisconsin said he and other farmers are dealing with.”

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Missing the mark in marketing: Animal fat is actually good for us

Last June, I was looking for an audiobook that would give me some ideas for promoting Dairy Month. My life changed.”

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District 3 Newsletter: 7 Tips for Advocating During the Pandemic 

Although the last year has been interesting, there are still ways we can advocate and share our stories.”

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How audiobooks make me a better dairy manager

What are you listening to right now? What do you listen to while you’re in the barn, or in the skid loader or in a tractor doing field work?

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Haven’t you ever heard of KRUMBAT?

One day while discussing fresh cows with Dr. Tom Hersmen of the Fennimore Veterinary Clinic, I asked how I could remember…”

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Queen Jordan

“Once upon a time, a charming prince drove to Viroqua, Wisconsin, and brought home a beautiful princess.  And they lived happily ever after.

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So Much More Than a Milk Check

“When I came home to farm after college, we slowly started increasing the size of our milking herd. In 2008, we built a new freestall barn…”

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Technology: Fueling a Passion for Dairy Genetics

On the second Tuesday of each month, you can find me checking my email, maybe 100 times that day...”

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Giving dairy farmers a voice in policy

Dairy farmers could soon have a direct say in the laws, regulations and policies that affect them most, thanks to a new act.

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The Culture Code book review with dairyman Derek Orth [Podcast]

Editor-in-chief Walt Cooley and Wisconsin dairyman Derek Orth discuss The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle.

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Orth to Represent WI in Partners in Agricultural Leadership Program

Derek Orth, a Grant County Farm Bureau member, has been chosen to participate in the American Farm Bureau’s tenth class..”

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Recycling company capitalizes on tri-state surplus of agriculture industry plastic

Filling a widespread need, a Midwestern agriculture plastics recycling company is expanding its footprint in the tri-state region.

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Rural Route by Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Aggie Answers – page 5

Members Plant Seeds for Legislative Success – page 6

Ask Derek – page 35

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Meet: Derek and Charisse Orth

“Youthful, optimistic and ambitious: Derek and Charisse Orth could be the poster couple for the Wisconsin dairy industry’s future. Among the newlyweds’ goals is to build a premier herd of Jersey cows…”

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