“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” -James Keller

When you light someone else’s candle, yours does not lose any light of it’s own. Giving presentations is the same. Anytime I can share what I know with others, I am making everyone’s candle burn stronger, and the world a brighter place. 

Introduction to the Enneagram and You!

The enneagram is an ancient, powerful tool that has been around for centuries. Discover how it can improve your personal growth, leadership skills and working relationships. Attendees will get a brief history and a breakdown of the nine different types with a chance to discover their own number!

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The Carnivore Diet: How Farmers and Ranchers are Missing Opportunities to Emphasize the Nutritional Benefits of Their Products

This discussion will arm you with the truths you should be sharing about the nutritional benefits of your meat products, the history and evolution of humans, trends of American’s diets, flawed science influencing buying decisions, and what you can share with consumers about the benefits of meat.

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What? Why? What about you? 

As a member of the American Farm Bureau Partners in Advocacy Leadership program, Derek will share his experiences and how he has continued to grow in Farm Bureau. He also will share some of his experiences and favorite tips for being a better advocate.

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Effective Storytelling

Steinbeck once said, “If a story is not about the hearer, he will not listen. And here I make a rule—a great and interesting story is about everyone or it will not last.” How do we ensure that the stories we tell will last? In this session, three experienced storytellers in agriculture from across the country will highlight elements that make a story worth listening to. Initially given with David Hafner and Kyle Wilson, Partners in Advocacy Leadership (PAL) Members, this presentation can be given as a group or by Derek alone.

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The Importance of Preg Checking Beef and Dairy Cattle 

In this informative presentation, Derek Orth will discuss why pregnancy checking is important and how neglecting to pregnancy check is hurting your bottom line. He will show the differences of available pregnancy checking options and the pros and cons of each. Attendees will see scenarios of different protocols and walk away with ideas to improve the reproduction on your farm or ranch. 

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